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Balloon Sculpting Workshop

Have a passion in balloon twisting? You are on for a treat! Our in house balloon sculpting artist are now opening up to coaching balloon twisting! 

For Enquiries Contact Us Now Bryan @ 9798 9579 / Email: happierballoon@gmail.com for more information!

Learn to twist with us!

We have been providing training for over 7 years for coporates, schools, community centre and even home parties! We have taught Kids as young as 6 years old till adults as old as 60 years old! At the end of the course, each person will at least know how to twist 1 to 3 balloon sculpture within their finger tips! 

For more information you may contact our friendly sales @ 9798 9579, alternative you may email us to happierballoon@gmail.com for more information!

Balloon Sculpting Workshop (Group)

Group Size: Min 10 pax

Suitable for both kids (preferably above 6) and adults
Our course covers
– Which Balloons to Use, and the different variety available
– Basic Folds and Twist for balloon modeling
– Inflation & Tying
– Constructing Single Balloon Models
– Balloon Modeling using Multiple Balloons 
– Where to order the right balloons at below retail prices
– Equipment that aid balloon modeling

– Hands On Guided Session on Basic Balloon Modeling
– LIVE Demonstration of basic and advance techniques
– Resources for further learning and advance techniques

Depending on the learning curve of participants, some of the sculptures we cover includes:
– Balloon Heart
– Magic Wands
– Flora Bracelets
– Giant Octopus
– Basic Weapons
– And more!

Our Past Workshop