Balloon Workshop For AON Singapore

Happier Balloon is proud to be the chosen vendor for AON Singapore to hold a balloon workshop classes for them! We have curated a fun filled programme for them, not just about twisting balloons, but also we bring out the values of a company spirit and teamwork. We even have games and prizes towards the end of the workshop! 

Balloon Sculpting Workshop is not just about learning balloons, but the importance of teamwork, creativity and most importantly great bonding session!

Happier Balloon conduct not just balloon workshop! We do magic workshop as well!

Why Choose Us? 
At Happier Balloon we believe in delivering the best for all of our clients. We provide quality balloons and materials to ensure the students are equipped with the best equipments. We have also curated our own in house programme for different clients, schools, coporates, adults and kids programme. 

Contact us now for more information! 

Name: Bryan
Contact: 9798 9579