Balloon Workshop For Metta School 2019

We are pleased to be invited by Meta School to host a balloon sculpting workshop for their staff! It was a fruitful and meaningful classes. Most of them are newbies and have no knowledge of balloons, We are glad that each of them walks away with a skill sets and knowledge of balloons at the end of the day. It was a fruitful and memorable classes with them. 

Balloon twisting is a great SKILL sets! Is not just a skill set to entertain your loves one, but its a skill set to tons of opportunity for you to perform. At HappierBalloon, we are constantly looking for talented people who are willing to learn professional balloon sculpting to join our team as well!

Not just TEACHING! We also implement system thinking, proper planning and the importance of teamwork. The most important of learning is to help others, in that way you will learn more yourself. 

Do you BELIEVE that a basic introduction course is enough for you to make a octopus balloon? At Happier Balloon we believe in the right technique of teaching, with the right technique, our students will be able to learn fast and efficient. With the right foundation / knowledge, you will be able to do a lot of balloon twisting design.